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2022 Storm Shelter Buying Guide

Growing up in Tornado Alley, you’re likely already aware of the dangers associated with tornado or thunderstorm season. For example, you likely already know that high-speed winds can turn your patio furniture into dangerous projectiles during a storm. In addition, you probably worry a lot about the state of your important documents and cherished photos when it comes to evacuating during a storm or hiding out when the weather turns severe. 

If you’re worried that you and your family and most precious belongings won’t be safe when you’re hunkering down during the next storm — there is a solution. Storm shelters! Specifically, Valley Storm Shelters. So start this year off with peace of mind with a new addition to your home, a room with thick walls, reinforced steel, and more. Read on as we discuss everything you need to know in this 2022 storm shelter buying guide.

Why You Need A Storm Shelter In 2022

Our buying guide is simple — do you need a storm shelter? Here are a few reasons why you might need to invest in a storm shelter in 2022.

Do You Live In A High-Risk Area?

The name "Tornado Alley" refers to the area in the United States Midwest that experiences the most tornadoes. While it is not a formal designation, states such as Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Alabama, Missouri, Iowa, and South Dakota are frequently included.

Although Florida isn't in Tornado Alley, it sees more tornados than any other state, especially when considering the size of the state. In general, the United States' southeast corner experiences frequent twisters.

The average tornado lasts 5 minutes on the ground and is classified as an EF-0 to EF-1 storm, with 95% of them being EF-3 or below. Only .01 percent of tornadoes attain the highest level of EF-5. Even so, they may cause a lot of fatalities and significant property damage at any stage.

According to National Geographic, tornadoes kill around 80 people each year and maim hundreds more. According to the Insurance Information Institute, tornadoes cause billions of dollars in property damage per year. Unfortunately, little current information on property damages by state exists because of this difficulty in calculating storm damage.

Here are the ten states with the highest numbers of tornadoes:

  1. Texas 
  2. Kansas
  3. Florida 
  4. Oklahoma
  5. Nebraska 
  6. Illinois 
  7. Colorado 
  8. Iowa 
  9. Minnesota 
  10. Missouri 

Whether it's Tornado Alley or a coastal location vulnerable to hurricanes, the place you reside is an excellent starting point when determining if a safe room is necessary for you.

Hurricanes can hit at any time, but homeowners are given up to a few days' notice of their approach. But with a tornado, you may only have a few seconds to seek shelter. Whether it's bad weather or not, the possibilities for potentially deadly events are unpredictable - and preparing for the worst-case scenario is the greatest thing you can do for your home and your family.

Unfortunately, severe and dangerous weather is becoming more common and intense on our planet. Weather calamities are still ravaging the United States, making it crucial to have an emergency plan in place should damage be caused to the home or God-forbid a family member is injured.

According to FEMA, a safe room may provide nearly absolute protection for you and your family against the powerful winds generated by tornadoes, hurricanes, or other severe storms. Storm shelters and safe rooms that fulfill specific criteria can protect against 250 mph of sustained wind speed and wind gusts produced by a hurricane, tornado, or another severe storm.

Aboveground vs. Underground Shelters

There are a variety of storm shelters available, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Based on your preferences, you may pick between several kinds of safe rooms. The following are the significant types of storm shelters accessible: above-ground and underground.

Above-ground rooms are standalone structures that may be built in your home, your yard, shed, or garage. At Valley Storm Shelters, we recommend aboveground shelters for most families, particularly those with elderly or disabled homeowners. In a state of emergency, you'll need to get into the shelter as quickly as possible, so the fewer obstacles and time it takes to enter the room, the better.

Underground shelters, also known as in-ground shelters, are permanent dwellings built beneath your property and protected from powerful winds and flying debris. However, if you live in a high-risk flood zone—which you can verify on FEMA's website—this may not be the best option for your home because fallen debris could prevent you from exiting. 

Valley Storm Shelters has many options to fit your needs and provide the most cost-efficient solution for your home.

Plan Accordingly For Costs And Timelines

The typical cost range for a storm shelter can be anywhere from $2,500 to $12,000. However, you’ll be able to get a better estimate for the cost by contacting us at Valley Storm Shelters today and getting a custom quote for what you're looking for.

Depending on various circumstances, including your preferred style and size of the shelter, costs will differ drastically. Furthermore, external factors like when you start the purchasing process or the demand for the materials required to make the safe room might contribute to price fluctuations.

We also want to stress the importance of starting early—like any other construction project, there will be many steps that can take multiple weeks to finish. However, don't be discouraged if you're starting your purchase process a bit later. Don't put it off another year. The best time to invest in a storm shelter is when the weather is excellent. Then, it’ll be easier to get on the installation schedule, and you'll be prepared for when tornado weather does strike.

You might even be able to save money during the off-season, as rates fall a little lower when the demand for a safe room isn't as high.

Of course, the finest shelter room for your house is one that is customized to your family's requirements. Don't be scared to talk to several respectable contractors and firms while on your way to figuring out what's best for you. We suggest browsing through some of our custom options to see if anything you see that will directly appeal to your family.

Let Valley Storm Shelters Find The Right Solution At The Right Price

When you’re ready to buy the strongest storm shelter on the market, turn to Valley Storm Shelters. We’ll help you find the right shelter for your family or office in 2022. So now that the holidays are over give yourself the peace of mind you need to survive any storm this year.

We’ll answer your questions, show you why we’re the leading manufacturer in the industry, and get you set up as quickly as possible. Get started here.