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Valley Storm Shelters Provides the Best Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms on the Market

Founded in 2008, Valley Storm Shelters™ is headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, in the Southern foothills of the Appalachians and the end of Tornado Alley - known locally as Dixie Alley.We are a family-owned and operated business that began researching how to make the best aboveground storm shelter on the market in 2006 by traveling throughout the United States in order to learn about the destructive power of tornadoes and the storm shelter products that were already on the market.

In 2008, the founders of Valley Storm Shelters™ created a prototype that mitigated the risks of entrapment posed by the existing safe room designs on the market. This prototype continues to be the foundation of our storm shelters to this day. Our design, which utilizes a cage-like interior with a structural C channel and angled steel supports, has set us apart from the rest of the industry with superior structural integrity.

At Valley Storm Shelters™, we are dedicated to helping people protect themselves and their families, and we understand the immense responsibility that falls on our shoulders when people buy our products. For this reason, every element of our shelters is designed with one singular goal in mind: to create the strongest, heaviest, easiest to operate, and most protective and survivable aboveground steel storm shelter on the market.

The America Tornado Shelter Association (ASTA) indicates that the most likely cause of storm shelter failure is poor anchoring or door failure. As a result, the engineers at Valley Storm Shelters™ set out to create the strongest and most secure anchoring system the storm shelter industry has ever seen. The result was our proprietary CORELOCK™ Anchoring System, which employs a dual-layer anchor approach that testing has shown to be stronger and more secure than any other method in the United States. In addition, at 310 lbs, we use the heaviest steel door in the industry, and our shelters themselves weigh about twice as much as most other shelters on the market. The density and quality of steel that we use in our Scottsboro factory is second to none. Remarkably, we have been able to stay competitive with our pricing within the industry, despite having significantly higher production costs due to the superior quality of our product.

All our products are locally built in compliance with FEMA 361 and 320 standards, as well as ICC 500 standards. Our designs were tested at Texas Tech’s National Wind Institute, which features a number of tests that attempt to simulate the force of an EF5 Tornado. While we passed these tests with flying colors, we decided that they werent good enough. With the evolution of modern weather patterns, we are seeing bigger and more destructive storms than ever before that are becoming increasingly unpredictable.

So, at the costly expense of company resources, we conducted independent tests with engineers present in an effort to recreate the devastating power that these storms can produce. Our shelters withstood 700-mph winds, deflected bullets from weapons ranging up to an M1 Carbine, and remained anchored when slammed by a 4,500 lb. battering ram packing over 40,000 lbs. of force. We encourage you to watch the footage in our video section and see for yourself how significant the Valley Difference is! Suffice to say, our shelters are overbuilt for your protection. Once you have your very own Valley Storm Shelter in your home, you will be free to worry about all the other dangers present in the world we live in today, but you will at least know that the weather is not one of them!

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