Storm Shelter Options

storm-shelter-options Valley Storm Shelters offers many ways to customize your storm shelter to fit your family’s needs. In addition to the options shown below, we offer custom paint colors. If you have an option in mind that is not listed, just let us know.

All utility services to and from the shelters must be performed by others. Licensed contractor recommended.
* The above applies to the surge protector photo.

For those times you have to run to the storm shelter at 2 AM; continue your slumber in your storm shelter and sleep safe and sound.

Lockable Storage Box/Bench, located at end of shelter only.

Available in 4′, 5′, and 6′ lengths.

All are 14″ deep and 24″ tall.”

Tornado Debris Proof and Bullet Resistant. Windows are made of Laminated Polycarbonate and come in two sizes 15″X15″X1 1/4″ when installed in a side panel and 15″x8″x1 1/4″ when installed in the door.

Weather radio-portable emergency preparedness radio with NOAA weather alert and audio line input. Other features include am/fm weather band radio, NOAA weather allert (all 7 channels), built in led flashlight, solar-powered, flashing beacon, usb cell phone charger, alarm clock, aux input plays your extended media, headphone jack, 3 AAA batteries included. Radio can conveniently be released from it’s shelter mount so that you can move outside your shelter/safe room when you want to with the radio.

HVAC attachment-allows you to experience heat or air conditioning in your shelter/safe room. Welded to the outside of shelter. It’s unique design stops debris from entering the shelter/safe room.

Camera-day/night security camera. Mounted on outside of shelter in it’s own 1/4” steel case to protect from debris. The camera must plug into optional surge protector or AC inverter and connected to the optional TV monitor. This camera will allow you to view live video of events happening outside of your shelter/safe room.

Battery-12 volt group 24 deep cycle housed in protective case. This is needed to power several of our options and power ac accessories and options in the event of a loss of power.

Battery charger/maintainer-hardwired to battery and plugs into surge protector maintaining your battery for years of service.

Surge protector metal case 6 outlet-heavy duty 4‘ power cord. The cord passes through shelter and can conveniently be plugged into your outlet. This 15 amp surge protector with circuit breaker can be used to power your accessories or several of our options.

Fan-12 volt, 2 speed, metal with swivel ball base. Works with optional 12 volt deep cycle battery.

Light-interior mounted to ceiling 12 volt. Works with optional 12 volt deep cycle battery.

DC to AC inverter-400 watts continuous, 800 watts peak. five volt usb output. Hard wired to the battery mounted to inside of shelter. In the event of loss of AC power you can plug your AC options/accessories into this inverter and continue using your options/accessories for many hours. It can also charge your cell phones and power your laptop.

TV monitor-19” led. Mounted to inside of shelter. May be used with residential cable/satellite or optional HD antenna or optional outside security camera.

Cable/phone junction box-includes weather proof box outside of shelter enabling your cable or telephone provider to connect. Option needed for residential cable/satellite use and optional interior phone.

Telephone-slimline with caller ID. Mounted to inside of shelter/safe room. Must plug into optional phone and cable box.

Sliding Ladder for easy storage access.

Optional Safe/Gun Safe with separate key pad lock. Available on most shelters. Click image to view more photos.

Solid steel benches available on all shelters.