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Proprietary CORELOCK™ Anchoring System

You Can Trust Our CORELOCK™ Anchors to Keep Your Family Safe!

For many people who regularly experience tornadoes, having a storm shelter as part of their home is a top priority. Storm shelters are meant to keep you safe from harm in a violent storm, protecting you from the high winds, flying debris, and collapsing structures. For years, homeowners feared that aboveground storm shelters would too easily anchoring system would fail during a tornado event, so they tended to choose underground shelters. However, underground shelters come with many risks, such as flooding, snakes, mold, insects and animals, or entrapment if debris conceals the entrance to the shelter.

In 2006, Valley Storm Shelters™ decided it was time to design a storm shelter that truly keeps people safe, without the common risks and concerns of traditional shelters. Our engineers developed the leading safe room on the market that sets the industry standard for safety. Due to our uniquely designed CORELOCK™ Anchoring System, there are no more worries that an aboveground storm shelter will fail.

The following is some brief information about our CORELOCK™ anchored shelters and how they can work for your household:

The Valley Storm Shelter Anchoring Process

Once Valley Storm Shelters™ introduced the CORELOCK™ anchoring technology, it changed the game for storm shelters. There is not a stronger anchoring system available on the market, and homeowners no longer have to worry about their safe room blowing away in a tornado or the many risks of an underground shelter.

At Valley Storm Shelters™, we want to make it as easy and convenient as possible for you to increase your familys safety. We offer a three hour install of your safe room, which is conducted by our highly trained storm shelter experts. If you would prefer to install the shelter yourself, we also offer drop ship and self-installation options. We have different sizes of safe rooms to choose from, which can protect families of all sizes from emergency situations.

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When you are looking for the right solution for a safe room in your home, look no further than Valley Storm Shelters™. We identified the weaknesses in most shelters - anchoring and doors - and now offer the most reliable product on the market. You can visit our store in Huntsville, Alabama, send us a message online, or call 256-890-4265 to get more information about how our safe rooms can protect you and your family.