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Panic Rooms

Providing Reliable Options to Protect Your Family in Emergency Situations

Ever since Jodie Foster taught the world about panic rooms in the 2002 movie, many people have wondered if a panic room can help keep their family safe at home. Panic rooms, also called safe rooms, are fortified in-home shelters that are designed to protect you and your household in the event of a home invasion and burglary, terror attack, or an extreme weather event like a tornado or hurricane.

Deciding to install a panic room is only the beginning of the process. There are many options on the market - some that are much better than others. When it comes to the safety and reliability of a panic room, Valley Storm Shelters™ blows our competitors away.

The Best Panic Room Available

The panic rooms designed by Valley Storm Shelters™ are the best on the market for several reasons:

When you invest in a panic room, you want to be certain that the room will do its job by protecting your family from intruders or outside forces. You can trust that the safe rooms from Valley Storm Shelters™ provide the protection you need!

Customize Your Panic Room

We offer many ways that you can select different options to fully customize your panic room to best meet the needs of your family. Some options include:

With the above options, you can decide what will make your family the most comfortable, even in the event of an emergency. While you never want to have a reason to use your panic room, you want to keep everyone calm and safe in the event you need to protect yourselves.

Once you choose your Valley Storm Shelter panic room, our specialists can install the room in only three hours or you have the option of drop shipping and self-installation. We make the process of getting a panic room as convenient as possible for every client.

Learn More about Your Panic Room Options Today!

To learn more about your options for the most reliable panic rooms available, you should speak with a representative from Valley Storm Shelters™ right away. You can reach out to us online, call 256-890-4265, or drop into our location in Huntsville, Alabama, to discuss your options for your safe room.