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Storm Shelters in Georgia

Valley Storm Shelters, a leading designer and manufacturer of storm shelters and safe rooms in America. If you need a storm shelter in Atlanta or anywhere in Georgia, we can help you. Based nearby in North Alabama, Valley Storm Shelters manufactures and installs above ground safe rooms and storm shelters across the Southeast. Our shelters are constructed to withstand 250 MPH ground speed wind equivalent to that of an EF-5 tornado and have been tested by the Texas Tech Wind Science and Engineering Research Center. Valley Storm Shelters is a producer member of the American Tornado Shelter Association.

Before purchasing a storm shelter for your family or organization, do your research! Consider buying direct from the manufacturer, not a middle man! Look around on our website and compare us to anyone out there. We stand behind our shelters (literally, check out this video!).

Valley Storm Shelters: Building shelters with the highest structural integrity.

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