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Valley Storm Shelters™’ Safe Room Doors - Now Sold Separately

Upgrade Your DIY or Existing Safe Room with the Strongest Door on the Market

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The weakest part of a safe room or storm shelter is its door. It’s an extremely hard task to develop a high-quality steel door that can resist things like flying debris and bullets while still being easy to operate and lock, but we’ve done it. You can now purchase our doors separately from our above-ground storm shelters so that you can upgrade your existing shelter and have the peace of mind that your door will not fail when you need it most.

At Valley Storm Shelters™, we’re committed to providing the best safe rooms and safe room doors available. All of our products meet FEMA 361 and 320 standards as well as the standards found in ICC-500. We overbuild our products so that you can rest assured that if the time ever comes, you and your family will be safe.

Our Safe Room Door Specs:

Here are some of the specifications that make our safe room doors the best on the market:

310 lb. vault-type door

Door opens to inside to prevent entrapment

Three 1.25″ thick stainless steel locking pins

Three solid steel receiver blocks and six solid steel guide blocks

Three heavy-duty barrel hinges with grease fittings

Medeco pick-proof, drill-proof deadbolt

1” diameter laminated polycarbonate bullet-resistant peephole – 1.25″ thick

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A safe room or storm shelter is only as strong as its weakest point, which is typically its door. Don’t let an otherwise wise investment go to waste; upgrade your existing or do-it-yourself storm shelter or safe room with Valley Storm Shelters™’ industry-leading safe room door. Call us today at 256-890-4265 or contact us online to learn more.