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Your Guide To All Of Our Storm Shelter Options

Do you want to keep your family safe from a tornado?

Are you unsure about which shelter options to install?

If you’ve answered “yes” to the questions above, you’ve come to the right place. No one can blame you for not being an expert on all the shelter options in the market- it’s hardly something you buy every day. That’s precisely why you need to get it right the first time by choosing the right fit and sourcing it from a trusted supplier.

Without further ado, here all the shelter options you can use to survive tornados, extreme weather, and whatever else life throws out at you. 

A Brief Overview of Our Shelter Options To Give You Peace Of Mind

At Valley Storm Shelters, we’ve redefined what safety means in the storm shelter industry. With custom options, unbeatable standards, and over-engineered storm shelters, let us help you exceed expectations when it comes to safety. 

Above Ground Safe Room

Our above ground safe rooms make use of our breakthrough CORELOCK™ Anchoring System to stay anchored to the ground even during the worst EF5 tornados with wind speeds up to 300 mph. 

Constructed using the highest-grade steel, our above ground shelter options are designed to keep you safe from electrocution and flying debris as well.

An above-ground safe room is excellent for individuals whose house does not allow easy underground access. They also involve less invasive work, plus you’ll be safe from the fear of flooding that is common with underground options. You can choose to install them inside or outside your house. 

Drop Shipping & Self-installation Options

Even though we’re located in Huntsville, Alabama, we provide our world-class shelter options to people across the country. 

Our drop shipping and self-installation options were created while keeping costs in mind. We don’t want you to empty your pockets, so we’ve made sure that our self-installation products fall within your budget. However, despite our affordable solutions, we don’t compromise on quality. 

Furthermore, you receive thorough, step-by-step instructions for installation and can always contact us for further help. 

Garage In-Ground Flush Mount

In-ground flush mount shelters are one of the safest and strongest shelter options on the market.

The lid usually opens by sliding to the back. However, the pivoting emergency exit can be used in cases where there is a lot of debris on top. The hydraulic pump system can lift up to 12,000 pounds of debris and allow you to exit safely. This is usually the biggest concern with in-ground shelters, but not with ours!

Stop worrying about waiting for someone to rescue you when the storm finally settles. With our extremely powerful doors and high-quality standards, you and your family can get a discreet and safe shelter right in your garage.

Panic Rooms

Panic rooms are similar to safe rooms. They’re above ground shelters that are built into the structure of your home. They can also be in-home shelters that provide instant access to protection for your family. Not only do you have security against natural disasters, but you can also retreat to the safe room in cases of a home invasion, terror attack, or burglary.

If you’re simply looking for peace of mind, our panic rooms can do just that - at your home or even at your office.

Safe Room Doors

We know that doors are one of the weakest points of a storm shelter, so we’ve used our years of experience to create 310 lb. vault-like doors that can withstand almost anything. 

Whether it’s flying debris or whizzing bullets, these doors are built like a mountain. This is a perfect option for people who have existing shelters and can’t afford to replace them. Let us prove to you that we are the strongest shelter door on the market. 

Storm Shelter Options

We offer countless ways to customize your storm shelter to ensure you have everything you need when you use it. Customize your shelter so that you and your family stay both comfortable and safe.

We’ve got:

Ready To Get Started? We Can Help!

We realize that we have more options that you might not have thought possible regarding shelter options. But we want you to feel safe, secure, and 100% taken care of when the worst weather strikes. 

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