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Why Valley Storm Shelters Are The Way To Go

Are you looking for a storm shelter that holds up? Maybe you’ve been shopping around for the best storm shelter on the market. If you’re wondering what makes Valley Storm Shelters stand out from the competition, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got more options, quality testing, and so much more. So keep reading as we describe all the reasons that Valley Storm Shelters is the way to go! 

Here’s Why You Should Invest In Valley Storm Shelters

There are many great reasons why you should invest in our shelters, but first, let’s give you a little background on who we are. Found in 2008 in Huntsville, Alabama, Valley Storm Shelters sits in the Southern foothills of the Appalachians and at the end of Tornado Alley. We are an established family-owned business that got its start researching the very best storm shelters on the market. We’ve traveled all around the United States to learn more about tornadoes and what storm shelters were currently available.

Once research commenced, we created a prototype that mitigates the risks of entrapment that we saw in other models. Our first prototype continues to be the foundation of our storm shelters today. Our unique design utilizes a cage-like interior with a structural C channel and angled steel supports, which sets us far apart from the rest of the industry with superior structural integrity. 

The entire team at Valley Storm Shelters is dedicated to helping people themselves and their families. This is an immense responsibility, and we don’t take it lightly! That’s why every element of our shelters is designed to be easy to operate, strong, and protective — the best and most survivable aboveground steel storm shelter on the market.

Here are four great reasons to choose us when you need a storm shelter. 

We Have More Options To Meet Your Needs

The first reason why Valley Storm Shelters are the way to go is that we have more options available to meet your needs. When you are in the position of having to survive a harsh storm, you want the best storm shelter available. You don’t want to compromise your safety if you live in a tornado-prone area. As the #1 Storm Shelter Provider, we offer many solutions to ensure you, your family and your workmates are safe.

Aboveground Safe Room

We recommend aboveground safe rooms, as they are made with the best materials, including reinforced steel corners, thick steel plate walls, and a full steel floor plate with Hilti anchor bolts. In addition, we’ve done everything we can to enhance the structural support so that your family will be protected and won’t be subject to electrocution.

We’ve added three large vents for natural airflow with steel debris protectors. In addition, our aboveground shelters make it easy for you to survive any storm.

Underground Garage

You might find it better for your family to install an underground shelter in your garage. Underground garage safety shelters are an excellent solution for surviving a storm if you already have a garage or outside building with a concrete slab floor. Valley Storm Shelters have two options for underground flush-mounted safety shelters, depending on your needs and the number of people you need to fit inside it. 

Panic Rooms

Panic rooms, also known as safe rooms, are specifically designed to keep you and your friends and family safe, whether it’s a home invasion or extreme weather. In addition, we’re proud to offer custom options for our storm shelters because when severe weather strikes, you want to feel safe and comfortable. Check out all of our options here.

Strong Replacement Shelter Doors

We established early on at Valley Storm Shelters that the door is the weakest part of any storm shelter. Other shelter mechanics have difficulty developing high-quality steel doors because it is challenging to create a door that resists debris or even bullets and STILL be easy to open and lock. 

However, we’ve developed the safest doors and the safest storm shelters on the market. You can even purchase our doors separately so that you can upgrade your current storm shelter. We know how important it is for your door to hold up and keep you safe. We are committed to your safety, which means that all of our safe rooms and replacement doors meet FEMA 361 and 320 standards, plus ICC 500. So don’t let extreme weather cause you any additional stress; we’ve built stronger and safer shelters than any other one on the market.

We Tested Our Designs At Texas Tech’s National Wind Institute

All our products are locally built in compliance with FEMA 361 and 320 and ICC 500 standards. Our storm shelter designs were tested at Texas Tech’s National Wind Institute, which features many tests that attempt to simulate the force of an EF5 Tornado. We passed every test, but we went above and beyond that. Storms are unpredictable and more destructive than ever, so we conducted independent tests with more engineers to ensure our shelters can stand up to the worst. Watch the footage of some of our tests and see for yourself what the Valley Difference really is.

Our Doors Are The Best On The Market

We’ve already mentioned this, but even the America Tornado Shelter Association (ASTA) indicates that the most likely cause of storm shelter failure is door failure and poor anchoring. As a result, our engineers at Valley Storm Shelters created the industry's strongest and most secure anchoring system. Our proprietary CORELOCK Anchoring System uses a dual-layer anchor approach that testing has shown to be stronger and faster than any other method. 

In addition, our doors are 310 pounds, weighing twice as much as any other door on the market while still being easy to open and operate. Yet, despite all this, we’ve been able to keep our pricing competitive, despite our product being of superior quality.

We Offer Financing When Necessary

Though storm shelters can be a significant investment, we don’t want the price to dissuade you from protecting yourself if the worst happens. We understand that it might be easier for a family or business to break large purchases into smaller monthly payments. Get in touch with our team today, and let us discuss your options. 

Plus, you might qualify for the Alabamas Storm Shelter Tax Credit. Beginning this year in 2022, “eligible taxpayers who incur costs for the construction, acquisition, or installation of a qualified storm shelter at their primary residence in the state of Alabama will be eligible for an income tax credit for the storm shelter. However, there are limitations and a cap on the statewide credit total per year.” Learn more here.

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Are you considering installing a safe room in your home or small business? Don’t sacrifice the safety of your family. Instead, go with the best shelters in the industry. Our professional team of safe rooms and storm shelter experts would love to discuss all of our available products, pricing options, installation services, and more. Contact us today by calling 256-890-4265 or through our online contact form.