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Survive Any Storm With This Easy-To-Implement Info

When severe weather strikes, you don’t want to be caught unprepared. The worst thing you can do is panic, which is why we’ve compiled a short of list of easy to implement tips when you are stuck in a storm - be it a tornado, a hurricane, or a flood. Read on for tips to help you and your family survive any storm.

Easy Ways To Help You Survive Any Storm

We know that there is typically no time to think when extreme weather strikes. Let us help you prepare for the worst now so that when you’re faced with an emergency, you feel a little safer.

Start By Making A Plan

The first thing you should do is prepare when the weather is good. Take a few minutes and put together a family survival plan and discuss it with your loved ones. Make sure everyone knows who to call and where to go when the weather strikes. Create a list of essential phone numbers and keep it in a safe place and make sure that everyone knows the plan.

Survive Any Storm With A Storm Survival Kit

The next step is to make sure that your family has a storm survival kit. Consider creating basic and upgraded kits to keep in the car and in your home that you can access at a moment’s notice. A basic kit should be able to get your family through 48 hours without basic services and maybe even without electricity. It should include flashlights, non-perishable food, extra clothing, protective gear, and whatever else will make your family more comfortable during this uncertain time.

Tornado Survival Tips

Let’s discuss how to survive during a tornado. The biggest thing to think about when it comes to a tornado is the flying debris. A few tips to help you is to stay away from windows and take cover as soon as you can. The best place to be is the lowest level of your home or in a storm shelter. Bring your readiness kit with you, or keep it in the place you might hide out in to wait out the storm. If you don’t have a basement, then hiding out in a place with no window is your best bet. You might even consider cover yourself with thick padding to protect from falling debris in case the roof and ceiling fail. 

We also suggest that you bring a radio with you in your place of shelter so that you’ll know when the danger has passed and it’s safe to emerge. If you’re in a vehicle, you might be able to drive out of the path of your vehicle, but otherwise, you should park your car quickly and safely away from the road. Don’t park under bridges or in a ditch, as bridges can collapse and ditches can fill with water quickly.

Hurricane Survival Tips

Hurricanes are scary because they can change direction and intensity very quickly. You’ll want to make sure you stay informed and up to date on what is happening in your area. We suggest making sure you are ready to evacuate quickly. If you are out of the direct path of the hurricane, but still feeling severe weather because of it, the best place to be is a storm shelter. 

There are a couple of things you can do to prepare your home. Bring in outdoor objects that can be swept up with high winds. Clear your yard of all debris. Cover your windows if you can and have a try to brace entry doors and garage doors. 

Survive A Flood

Did you know that flooding claims more lives than any other kind of severe weather? Make sure you’re keeping an eye on weather conditions and make sure you have the ability to evacuate if necessary. If a flood warning is issued in your area, the first thing to do is locate your storm readiness kit. Shut off electricity on your main panel to avoid electrocution from the get-go. 

Don’t try to drive through heavy rain and risk getting your car stuck in water. Even six inches of water can carry you away. We also suggest keeping your emergency kit in your car or near the door so that when it is time to evacuate, you can do so quickly and easily. 

Conclusion - A Storm Shelter Is A Great Solution To Survive Any Storm

If you truly want peace of mind, then a storm shelter from Valley Storm Shelter is the way to go. We have the highest rated storm shelter on the market to help you survive any storm. Let us help you customize your space to fit your family’s needs and make you feel as comfortable as possible when severe weather strikes. 

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