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How Valley Storm Shelters Can Save Lives From Devastating Tornadoes

Starting December 10, 2021, Kentucky was hit hard by one of the worst collections of twisters across the Midwest and the South. This unusual storm leveled entire communities and ended in death and devastation. Four tornadoes in all hit the state, including one with a long path of roughly 200 miles. Over 300 National guard members went from house to house to check on people trying to survive the storm and help remove some of the fallen debris.

This late-season tornado outbreak has been documented as the deadliest on record. The storm developed in northeastern Arkansas and progressed into Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, and Kentucky. However, the most significant activity is caused by a long-track supercell thunderstorm that produced a plethora of strong tornadoes. The first of these hit northeastern Arkansas and tracked through the Missouri Bootheel. Once it crossed the Missippi river into northwestern West Tennessee, it dissipated, but shortly after, another high-end EF4 formed and moved through Western Kentucky, where multiple towns suffered catastrophic damage.

The death toll from this extreme storm was 89 and included three additional non-tornadic fatalities. This event surpassed the Vicksburg, Mississippi tornado in December of 1953, previously known as the deadliest December tornado event ever recorded in the United States. 

Here we describe how a storm shelter from Valley Storm Shelters can save lives from terrible storms like these.

Valley Storm Shelters Can Save Lives - A Tornado Safety Guide

Though we can try our best to predict the weather, sometimes extreme weather events can become devastating in an instant. You want to be prepared for anything, and everything - and the first step is investing in a Valley Storm Shelters safe room. Here are a few reasons why we believe our shelters can keep you and your family safe from tragedies like the one above.

We’ve Built Better Shelter Doors

The specialists at Valley Storm Shelters have been in this industry for a long time, which means we know that the weakest part of most storm shelters and safe rooms is the door. Unfortunately, many manufacturers have found it hard to develop a strong enough door to keep debris and not entrap the people inside it. So we’ve built our doors with high-quality steel doors that can resist debris and even bullets while still being able to open and lock quickly and easily. 

Creating a safe environment for extreme weather events is extremely important to us, and that’s why we’ve made it possible to purchase our doors separately. If you already have an existing safe room, make sure it’s as solid and secure as possible with one of our doors. All of our safe rooms and doors meet FEMA 361 and 320 standards, plus ICC 500 - we’ll never compromise on safety, and you shouldn’t either.

What Makes Valley Storm Shelters So Reliable

We’re the leading designer and manufacturer of above-ground storm shelters and safe rooms, and we have countless videos proving how strong and effective our shelters are. We’ve designed each of our options to withstand over 300mph ground speed winds, equivalent to an EF-5 tornado. We’ve also had them tested by the Texas Tech Wind Science and Engineering Research Center. 

Each of our shelters is made with ¼” steel plate for the walls, floor, and door, reinforced ¾” steel corners, 4” structural C channel, and more. You can expect a steel ¼” floor, with ½” plate where Hilti anchor bolts, plus 3 (minimum) large vents strategically located for airflow. We also include an electrical access opening protected by a weather-resistant grommet and, of course, our 310-pound vault-like door, proven to be one of the strongest doors on the market.

We also use our exclusive anchoring system comprised of 24-inch carbon steel CORELOCK™ anchors, 7-inch by ¾-inch Hilti concrete cutting anchors, and industrial 2-component anchoring adhesive.

As the #1 Storm Shelter Provider, we offer many different solutions to ensure your safety. Choose from our above-ground shelter options, our underground flush-mount option, our popular safe rooms, or a replacement door to help you survive any storm.

In addition, we provide a variety of customization options to help you and your family or office feel more comfortable in your storm shelter. View some of our options below:

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If you’re worried about tornadoes and are looking for the right solution for a safe room in your home, look no further than Valley Storm Shelters. We’re determined to deliver the best storm shelters on the market. We’ve identified the weaknesses in most shelters - anchoring and doors - so you can trust that we offer only the most reliable shelters. Visit our store in Huntsville, Alabama, call us at 256-890-4265, or send us a message online for more information about our shelters.