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How To Be Prepared For A Tornado In Nashville Tennessee

In light of recent events in Nashville, we thought it would be important to discuss exactly how to be prepared for a tornado in Nashville, Tennessee and other areas that are considered high risk for extreme weather. It can be scary when a tornado strikes, because it can happen with little to no warning. 

In fact, you might not see it coming at all until dust and debris are picked up in the funnel. Typically, tornadoes are most likely to happen in the late afternoon and evening, between 3pm and 9pm but they can occur at any time. Southern states like Tennessee have a peak tornado season from March through May, which means that now is the time to prepare your home and your family in case the worst happens.

Stay Safe If A Tornado Strikes Nashville, Tennessee

You already know that tornadoes are rotating, funnel shaped clouds that extend from the skies in a thunderstorm to the ground. Winds produced by a tornado can reach 300 miles per hour and can be obscured by rain or low clouds, which is why they seem to develop so rapidly without much advanced warning.

What To Look For

Though they can be hard to detect, there are danger signs you can watch out for. The sky will be dark and often greenish in color. There will be large, dark, and low clouds that will seem to rotate. Hail is often a good indicator, especially if the wind is roaring. If the weather is extreme, your local stations will issue a Warning, which means that a tornado has been spotted on the ground or indicated on a radar.

Be Ready BEFORE Disaster Strikes

We think that the best way to be prepared for a tornado in Nashville, Tennessee or surrounding areas is to have things in place BEFORE disaster strikes. You and your family should prepare now to ensure your safety and well being. The Office of Emergency Management suggests making an emergency kit, and go over a safety plan with your family ahead of time.

Here’s How To Prepare For A Tornado in Nashville

When a tornado warning is issued in your area, here is a list of things you should do:

Practice Your Safety Plan

It is so important to have a tornado plan in place when you live in a high risk area. Have separate plans at home, at the office, anywhere you frequent the most. Figure out where you can quickly take shelter and practice these plans at least once a year with your family or coworkers. It’s best to have your emergency kits already in these safety areas, or in a place that can be accessed easily.

Protect Yourself With Valley Storm Shelters

At the end of the day, the very safest place to be is in a storm shelter that is specifically designed to keep you and your family safe in even the most dangerous storms. The founders of Valley Storm Shelters have created a storm shelter that sets us apart from the rest of the industry. We utilize a cage-like interior with a structural C channel and angled steel supports that we are proud of. We know that designing panic rooms and tornado shelters is a huge responsibility, and we are dedicated to protecting families, especially in areas like Nashville, Tennessee, where tornados do occur.

The American Tornado Shelter Association (ASTA) says that most storm shelter failure is poor anchoring and door failure. It’s for this reason that we created the strongest, heaviest, easiest to operate and most survivable underground and above ground steel storm shelter on the market. Our proprietary CORELOCK Anchoring System employs a dual-layer anchor approach that sets us way ahead from our competitors. 

We strive to make all of our products affordable and available for people living in these areas that are prone to inclement and severe weather. Watch the footage of our shelters and see for yourself the lengths we have taken to protect you and your family, no matter the weather or circumstance.

This is not something you want to leave to chance, or leave any room for doubt. Though a storm can be devastating, a storm shelter built by us can give you peace of mind knowing that the most important people in your life will be well protected. 

Contact Valley Storm Shelters™ Today For More Info

If you are considering installing a safe room or underground storm shelter at your home or at your business, then you should go with the best in the industry. Our team is full of safe room and storm shelter experts that are almost always available to discuss our products, answer questions about your installation services, our pricing, and anything else you want to know. 

Let us show the difference that Valley Storm Shelters can make on your well-being, and get our tips for how to be prepared for a tornado in Nashville, Tennessee. Contact us today at 256-890-4265 or through our online contact form.