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How Do You Keep Safe In Extreme Weather?

Extreme weather can be really scary for you and your family - if you don’t have a safety plan in place. Chances are, even if you do live in the heart of a tornado area, it is unlikely that you’ll actually be hit by one. But it is good to be prepared for any possible weather situation that could come up. Surviving a storm or a tornado is possible, which is why we’ve put together this article. Here we have a few easy tips that could help keep you and your family safe in extreme weather.

Easy Tips That Will Keep You Safe In Extreme Weather

The key to surviving extreme weather is to have a safety plan. Make sure everyone in your home knows the plan and is ready to act as soon as a weather warning is issued. There are several factors to consider when creating a plan for when extreme weather strikes, but hopefully, you’ll be able to find a solution for your home and family.

Get Inside

The first thing to consider when preparing for a tornado or intense storm is to make sure you have a safe place to take shelter. This means getting inside immediately when a storm warning is issued. Get inside as quickly as possible, and put as many barriers as possible between you and the outside.

The thing to remember is that it’s not the wind that is a hazard, its the flying debris that gets caught up in the wind. Items can get caught in the wind and break windows and glass. Big items can fall over and cause there own damage. Small items are usually the first to get caught up and tossed around in a tornado, but even cars have been known to be thrown great distances in a large storm.


A safe room or storm built and installed by Valley Storm Shelters. With Valley Storm Shelter, you can guarantee that you are only getting the strongest storm shelters this planet has to offer. An extreme storm can hit when you least expect and you’ll want to keep your family safe. Plus, we have so many options we know that we can find the perfect solution for your home and your family. A storm shelter can give you the peace of mind you need when the unexpected weather strikes. We even offer panic rooms and replacement doors for your existing storm shelters. When you need a storm shelter, we have the safest options available and it’s our mission to keep the people you love safe, no matter the situation.

Get Covered Up

Our last piece of advice is to keep yourself covered up. Especially if you don’t have access to a high-quality tornado shelter, it is important to make sure that you stay safe from debris. Make sure your safety plan includes lots of blankets, jackets, hats, and even helmets - just in case. Debris is what injures and even kills people in a storm. Protecting your skin and hiding out in the smallest room you have is the best plan and the one that can keep you the safest.

With every safety plan, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Plan for the worst and you’ll be prepared for any storm. Unless you have a storm shelter, there is no place that is 100% safe from every storm. Make sure you and your family know the plan and have the proper items in place if a storm does hit. 


Get inside, get low, and stay covered. There are lots of tips you can read about staying safe in extreme weather, and hopefully, we’ve been able to give you a basic overview to help you feel more secure. When the worst happens, you and your family need to have a safety plan in place. The absolute best thing you can do if you live in an area that has frequent extreme weather is to install a storm shelter from Valley Storm Shelter. 

You can never be too careful when it comes to extreme weather. Browse through some of our safety solutions and see what might be the best option for you and your home. Don’t panic when it comes to the weather, just let us help you stay prepared when you need to be. Reach out to us today and let us help answer your questions, give you safety tips, and prove to you that our products are the best you’ll be able to find on the market.