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Everything You Need To Know About Home Tornado Shelter Options

At Valley Storm Shelters, we take pride in being the #1 home tornado shelter on the market. Part of it has to do with our commitment to offering only the best quality materials and constantly improving our engineering so that we remain the safest and most reliable. We also work closely with you, our valued customers, to make sure that every single detail of your home tornado shelter suits your needs and makes you feel safe.

Here we browse through all of our storm shelter options so that you and your family can survive any storm while also feeling comfortable.

18+ Home Tornado Shelter Options That You Will Love

Read on as we discuss the variety of ways Valley Storm Shelters can create a space that will make you feel safe when extreme weather strikes. First, we’ll discuss four options you can choose from to meet your needs, and then we will explain all of the customizations you can add.

Survive a Storm In 1 of 4 Ways

Aboveground Safe Room

Our aboveground safe rooms are made with the highest quality materials and are the best way to guarantee safety from any weather. We’ve built these safe rooms with you in mind, so you can rest easy knowing we’ve built your shelter with reinforced steel corners, thick steel plate walls, and full steel floor plates that protect you from electrocution.

Underground Garage

If you’re looking for and underground option, our flush mount underground garage shelters might be the solution you need. We have two options to choose from, fitting up to 12 people in a safe room that can be hidden away in your garage or shop.

Panic Rooms

Maybe you’re looking for a panic room to protect you from people rather than a storm. Our panic and safe rooms are built to protect you and your family in case of any emergency. When you need peace of mind, our panic rooms will go above and beyond for the loved ones in your life.

Storm Shelter Beds

Our storm shelter beds are great for families with children. If you’re forced to run into your home tornado shelter in the middle of the night, having a comfortable bed for your children to sleep in will make this stressful time a little less scary.

Lockable Storage Bench

Another option we have is a lockable storage box and bench that can be installed at the end of your shelter. Available in a variety of lengths and depths, this is the perfect place to store your emergency materials when disaster strikes.

Emergency Weather Radio

Especially during an emergency, it can be hard to remember to grab a radio when you’re rushing to your shelter. Let us install an emergency weather radio with NOAA weather alert for your peace of mind. It has a built in LED flashlight, is solar powered, has a flashing beacon, and even a usb cell phone charger. It’s also portable so you can take it with you after the storm has passed.

HVAC Attachment

Valley Storm Shelters offers a HVAC attachment for heat or air conditioning in your shelter or safe room - and we’ve built it so that you can stay comfortable without worrying about debris getting inside.

Security Camera

Another option that a lot of people include when purchasing a home tornado shelter with us is a security camera so that you can view what is happening outside while safely inside your shelter.

12V Battery

Batteries are always important to have on hand when you live in a high risk area. Our 12V battery is protected with a case and can power several items in case the power goes out.

Battery Tender

Coupled with your battery, our battery charger and maintainer is hardwired to your batter and plugs into a surge protector to maint your battery for years.

Surge Protector

Our surge protector is equipped with 6 outlets and has a heavy duty power cord and is used to protect your electrical equipment during a storm.

Dual Speed Fan

Stay comfortable with our dual speed fan, especially when there are multiple people in a small space.

Interior LED Lighting

Lighting is crucial in a storm shelter, as most don’t have windows to let natural light in. Our light is interior mounted and works with our 12 volt deep cycle battery.

DC-AC Inverter

If you lose AC power, use this inverter and continue using your accessories for hours on end. It will charge your cell phones and even power a laptop when you’re stuck waiting in your shelter.


Want to distract the kids (and yourself) during a severe thunderstorm or tornado? Our 19” tv can be used with your cable or satellite, our optional HD antenna, or hook up to your security camera.

Phone & Cable Connections

You can also install a cable/phone junction box, which is weatherproof, to enable your cable or telephone provider to connect to the inside of your shelter.

Landline Telephone

In case of an emergency, having our landline telephone with caller ID installed can give you peace of mind knowing you can connect with help when trapped in your storm shelter.


Need a safe inside your shelter? Our safe has a separate key pad lock to keep valuables extra secure when emergency weather hits your area.


Seating is a must when it comes to home tornado shelters. Our solid steel benches are available for all of our shelter options.

Contact Valley Storm Shelters For More Information

Ready to get started? At Valley Storm Shelters, we would love to answer your questions and discuss all of our customizable options for your storm shelter. We want you and your family to feel safe, comfortable, and stay as relaxed as possible in case of an emergency. 

Browse through all of our options and then reach out to us today so we can discuss pricing and our install process. Give your family safety and security - you never know when something might happen and it’s always better to be prepared.