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When it comes to tornados and other extreme weather, it’s better to hope for the best while you prepare for the worst. That’s where a custom tornado shelter comes into play. Though you hope you never have to use it, having a tornado shelter built by Valley Storm Shelters in the case of an emergency will give you that peace of mind you need. 

Now, we all know that having a shelter on your property is great to hide out in when there’s a storm, but there’s always the chance you and your family have to stay in the shelter for an extended period of time. That’s why we’ve come up with a list to help you stock your shelter with supplies to help you and your family stay safe and secure following a weather disaster.

Whether it’s short term or long term, here’s an essential list of things you need to help you prepare. 

Supplies You Need To Have In Your Tornado Shelter

Though installing a storm shelter by Valley Storm Shelters is the first step to providing effective protection against tornadoes, it is still really important to stock it well! Though just being inside may shield you from the fly debris and harsh winds, you’ll need additional gear.

Here’s a brief list of supplies you should keep in your tornado shelter at all times so you’re ready when the next storm hits.

First Aid Kit

The first thing you should put in your tornado shelter is a first aid kit. It might be a good idea to keep your kit in an easy-to-grab backpack that you quickly grab on your way out, or simply keep in your tornado shelter at all times. 

Here’s what to put in it:

Food and Water

It’s important to have non-perishables stocked and ready in your shelter. Whether it’s vacuum-packed or canned, we recommend stocking up on snacks your kids like and protein rich foods like peanut butter. Make sure you include baby food and formula if needed, and plenty of water. Don’t forget silverware and napkins, a can opener, trash bags, and we also recommend packing just a little more than you need. Better safe than sorry, right? 

Clothes and Blankets

No one can be sure how conditions will be when the storm is over and it’s safe leave. You can’t be sure how long before you can return to your home, so make sure you’re prepared with fresh clothes and lots of blankets. We suggest having each member of your household keep an extra change of clothing stored in a plastic bag, and include warm clothes to help you layer, just in case. Make sure you pack appropriate shoes and work gloves, and maybe even helmets to protect from falling debris.

Sanitation Supplies

It’s probably a good idea to really prepare for the worst. Which means bringing some hygiene supplies like hand sanitizer, tissues, toilet paper, a bucket with a lid (filled part way with kitty litter in case no restroom is available), wipes, and diapers for babies if you need it. Consider packing deodorant, mouthwash, and other “camping” solutions.

Camping Gear

Like we mentioned above, consider packing camping gear. 

Important Documents

It’s important that all of your important personal and financial documents are kept together in a safe space. Whether that’s a box or a large accordion folder, keep it somewhere that can be grabbed quickly if you’re forced to evacuate your home. Keep things like your home deed, your family’s birth certificates, tax information, bank records, insurance documents, and medical records.

Games and Entertainment

Especially if you have children, we suggest keeping a stash of board games, card games, dvd’s with chargeable portable dvd player, books, puzzles, and more in your tornado shelter. A tornado can be really scary, and keeping distractions available is a great way to keep your kids calm. It’s also a good idea to keep a couple treats on hand to help keep kids happy and stress-free. 

Ask The Experts At Valley Storm Shelters

No matter how you customize your list, it’s a good idea to check on your storm shelter updated and fresh so that when disaster strikes, you’ll be sure to be prepared. This time of year means that tornados might strike at any time and you want to make sure your family stays safe. Don’t have a tornado shelter? Give the experts at Valley Storm shelter a call. We’ve made it our mission to create the toughest and safest shelters on the market, and you’ll love how easy it is to get a storm shelter at your home. 

We can customize your shelter to your specific needs, so let us answer your questions and give you the level of security you’re looking for.