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Why A Garage Storm Shelter Is The Solution You Need

You already know that Valley Storm Shelters is a leading designer and manufacturer in producing the most secure aboveground safe rooms and flush mount shelters. When it comes to your family, you don’t want to compromise your safety - especially if you live in an area with frequent storms and extreme weather. You never know when a storm is about to hit and you want to have a plan in place for when the worst happens. That’s why we think having a garage storm shelter certified by Valley Storm Shelters is the solution you need. 

Choose a storm shelter solution that has been tested more than any other shelter manufacturer, with options to fit your family’s needs. Here we will go over our garage in ground flush mount solution, as well as other products we provide.

An Overview of Our Garage Storm Shelter

Surviving a storm can be easy when you turn to Valley Storm Shelter. Whether you need a garage storm shelter or a safe room for your home or office, you can count on us to deliver only the best. Read on as we describe some of the key features of our Safe Escape Garage In Ground Flush Mount. 

Key Features

Though we demonstrate most of the key safety features in this video, we thought we should discuss briefly here why having Valley Storm Shelters install your underground storm shelter is the way to go. 

First, you should have us help you plan where in your garage your new shelter will be installed. You’ll need a place that already has an existing concrete slab. After the hole is installed, your shelter is encased in five to six inches of concrete underneath and on all four sides of your shelter. We will then finish it so that it is flush with the top of your concrete slab, and the surface of your shelter is in line with the rest of your floor. 

Under normal conditions, our sliding door is used for entrance and exit. The storm lid itself is made from a ⅜ inch solid steel plate which is 50% thicker than any other lid currently on the market. It easily slides for easy access to and from the shelter. 

However, there is always a chance that a heavy amount of debris can be on the top of your in ground flush mount shelter. This is by far the biggest problem with underground storm shelters - you might be trapped inside because of thousands of pounds of fallen debris. That’s why we’ve given you a handheld remote inside your shelter that activates the pivoting emergency exit lid. It controls a battery-operated hydraulic pump system that is capable of lifting 12,000 pounds safely and securely.

Two Size Options for Garage Storm Shelter

There are two different size options for garage storm shelters with Valley Storm Shelters. The first has a flush mount size of 4 ½ by 8 feet, and a door opening of 34 inches. The official dimensions are 54” x 94” x 63.5” and holds up to 12 people. 

The second one is slightly smaller, holding only 8 people. The flush mount is 3 by 8 feet, and the dimensions are 38.5” x 94” x 58.5” and the door opening is 34 inches. Both hydraulic lift cylinders can lift up to 12,000 pounds of debris.

Other Valley Storm Shelter Products

As the #1 Storm Shelter Provider, there are so many different solutions to make sure your family’s safety no matter the weather.

Above Ground Safe Room

Each aboveground safe room that Valley Storm Shelters produce is made with only the strongest or highest quality materials. They have reinforced steel corners and thick steel plate walls and a full steel floor plate to provide enhanced structural support and will protect you and your family from electrocution. If you want the best safe rooms on the market, then you’ve found it!

Proprietary CORELOCK™ Anchoring System

Our expert engineers at Valley Storm Shelter have developed our uniquely designed CORELOCK Anchoring System, which eliminates the common risks and concerns of traditional shelters. Our anchored shelter can withstand winds in excess of 300 miles per hour, which is equivalent to an EF-5 tornado.

Panic Rooms

Our panic rooms are also the best on the market for several reasons. First, because of the CORELOCK anchoring system makes sure that they remain anchored even in the most extreme weather. We also offer 310-pound vault-like doors that are pick-proof and drill-proof deadbolts. They even include a peephole! 

Valley Storm Shelters™’ Safe Room Doors

It is well known in the shelter manufacturing community that the weakest part of a safe room or a storm shelter is the door. Developing a door that is easy to operate and lock while also being resistant to fly debris and more. But as the leading experts in safe rooms, we’ve created doors that you can purchase separately so that you can upgrade your existing shetler and have peace of mind when you need it more. 

All of our products meet FEMA 361 and 320 standards as well as any standards found in ICC-500. 

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Ready to get started securing a safety plan for you and your family or office when severe weather strikes? Give us a call! We’d love to answer your questions and discuss what solution works best for you.