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Valley Storm Shelters Vs. Storm Guard Shelters - Important Differences

Are you in the market for a storm shelter? Storm shelters or tornado shelters are crucial if you live in an area where severe storms and tornadoes occur. When you want to protect your family and valuables, hiding out in the basement might not be the safest option. In fact, many storms can uproot houses entirely from the ground, leaving you exposed to the entire range of a storm. Plus, many homes these days aren’t even built with basements, so it can become a risky gamble to stay indoors during a storm. 

That’s where Valley Storm Shelters and other shelter businesses come in - to give you peace of mind during extreme weather events. However, we think that Valley Storm Shelters have a significant advantage over several other shelter manufacturers in the area. So here we directly compare the differences between Valley Storm Shelters vs. Storm Guard Shelters. Then, we’ll discuss what makes us stand out and why more people choose us over them! 

Differences Between Valley Storm Shelters Vs. Storm Guard Shelters

Storm Guard Shelters, located in Fayetteville, TN, is another safe room manufacturer that our customers ask us about, wondering if their options hold up as well as ours. Keep reading as we discuss key differences between Valley Storm Shelters vs. Storm Guard Shelters and let you decide for yourself.

Storm Guard Shelters Have No Floor

First, Storm Guard Shelters build their safe rooms without the floor. Instead, they are installed into the concrete with only the sides and the top. Though this might save money in manufacturing costs, it significantly reduces the structural integrity of the shelter. 

At Valley Storm Shelters, our shelters are constructed using 1/4” steel plate for the floor, walls, and door, with reinforced 3/4” steel corners, and 4” structural C channel. Our full steel floors are ¼” thick, with ½” plate where Hilti anchor bolts through the shelter and into the concrete.

They Use A Sliding Door

Another major difference for Valley Storm Shelters vs. Storm Guard Shelters is that they utilize a sliding door, which can greatly increase the chance of entrapment after the storm. 

When debris is flying about during a hurricane or extreme tornado, the entire outside of your storm shelter can be covered with debris. If you can’t get out because the door won’t slide open, you might end up being trapped for hours and hours until someone can come to rescue you.

We use a vault-style door that opens inward to prevent entrapment. We know that the door is the weakest part of any storm shelter, which is why we’ve built the heaviest and safest door in the industry that is still easy to operate and lock.

Each of our doors is equipped with:

Their Shelters Weigh 50% Less Than Valley Storm Shelters

At Storm Guard Shelters, their shelters are approximately 50% less heavy than the shelters at Valley Storm Shelters. Again, we’ll point out that using fewer materials or building thinner shelters might save money in the short run, but heavier shelters mean better protection from high winds and flying debris. 

Don’t cut corners when it comes to your family’s safety and valuable possessions. 

Storm Guard Shelters Use Small Anchors

Storm Guard Shelter uses inexpensive anchors to anchor to surface concrete only, which might fail during a storm. At Valley Storm Shelters, we use our uniquely designed CORELOCK™ Anchoring System, which secures your shelter underneath the concrete slab. Here’s a video showing how it works.

The following is some brief information about our CORELOCK™ anchored shelters:

They Can’t Prove Their Effectiveness

The last difference we’ll mention between Valley Storm Shelters vs. Storm Guard Shelters is that they have no test videos on their website. 

Though it might not be a deal-breaker, we think that it’s important that when you’re looking for the right safe room that you can see the quality with your own eyes. So browse through our website and see all of the tests we put our shelters through for yourself.

Why Valley Storm Shelters Stands Above The Competition

Though we’ve outlined several items that we think help us at Valley Storm Shelters stand out from the competition, our primary focus is assisting people in protecting themselves and their families. We know that we are shouldering an immense responsibility with our products, which is why we’ve dedicated every aspect of our business to create the strongest, heaviest, and best shelters on the market. When you need to survive a storm, look no further than Valley Storm Shelters.

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