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Valley Storm Shelter Saved Lives During Alabama March 2021 Tornadoes

On March 17, 2021, AccuWeather's Bill Wadell was in Chilton County, Alabama, looking out over the terrible damage a tornado caused in the town. The power was knocked out, and the damage in the communities throughout Alabama after the tornadoes was extensive. These storms destroyed several homes near Fairfield, Alabama, and even as storms and lightning were rolling in, families are still trying to salvage what they could.

With the amount of damage, the Chilton County Sheriff was very surprised that no one was seriously hurt in the neighborhood, despite several homes being totally destroyed. Crews were busy trying to get tree branches out of the road and cleaning up the community in the aftermath. 

Accuweather covered the storm extensively and shared how safe rooms and storm shelters saved lives during this storm. Watch the videos and read on as we discuss why Valley Storm Shelters is the way to go when you want to protect your family during tornado season.

How Valley Storm Shelter Saved Lives During Devasting Tornado

Check out this image of a storm shelter left standing as the house around it was struck by a tornado. This video was spread across as the internet to prove that a storm shelter can save lives and is helping convince hundreds of people living in Tornado Valley to invest in a shelter that can protect their families.

storm tornado shelter saves lives

Paul Chapman from Valley Storm Shelters says that the demand for at-home aboveground shelters increases in March, and for good reason! The mid-march tornado storms were devastating, and now people are looking to prepare for the next storm that rolls around.

State officials are even considering offering a tax credit so that more people can afford at-home shelters and not have to rely on public shelters. With COVID-19 still affecting the country, city officials know that it can be hard to socially distance and feel safe in a public shelter. 

At Valley Storm Shelters, we test each and every one of our shelters to ensure it can withstand even the strongest tornado or hurricane. Plus, Valley Storm Shelters has shelter options that can fit 3-36 people, a much more popular option over public shelters.

Valley Storm Shelters is a leading designer and manufacturer of aboveground storm shelters and is built to withstand 300 miles per hour wind speeds, equivalent to that of an EF-5 tornado. Each shelter has been tested by the Texas Tech Wind Science and Engineering Research Center. 

All safe rooms are constructed using the strongest and highest-quality materials available. Each shelter is built using ¼” steel plate for the wall, floor, and door. The corners are reinforced with ¾” steel and include a 4” structural C channel. The steel floor that Valley Storm Shelters uses enhances not only structural support but also prevents electrocution. Each safe room has three large vents to help create a natural airflow while still protecting your family from debris. The electrical access opening is even protected with a weather-resistant grommet.

The weakest part of any storm shelter will always be the door, which is why Valley Storm Shelters built a 310-pound vault-like door that is one of the strongest doors on the market. Each door opens to the inside so that you’ll never be trapped inside due to debris. Additionally, each door has a pick-proof and drill-proof deadbolt, so you know that you and your valuables will always be protected. Even though the door is heavy, Valley Storm Shelters includes three heavy-duty barrel hinges with grease fittings to make the door easy to open and use. 

Lastly, Valley Storm Shelters make safe rooms with an exclusive anchoring system that is comprised of 24-inch carbon steel CORELOCK™ anchors, 7-inch by ¾-inch Hilti concrete cutting anchors, and industrial 2-component anchoring adhesive.

Do Not Wait Until A Tornado Warning! Get Your Shelter Today!

Valley Storm Shelters have worked hard to become the #1 Storm Shelter Provider. If you were one of the many people hit by the tornadoes in Alabama and surrounding areas, you know that an extreme storm can hit you when you least expect it. Do you live in fear of tornados and other violent weather events? Join the hundreds of houses and businesses who have the security and peace of mind that comes with having the safest storm shelter in America.

There are many solutions you can choose to make sure you get the safety you and your family need all year long:

Valley Storm Shelters set the standard for the products they offer, and they also provide outstanding customer service. They also offer financing options to make it as easy as possible to afford a shelter now. Plus, with the help of a trained expert, it could take as little as three hours to install your shelter. Contact Valley Storm Shelters to find out all of the available options and let them show you why a safe room can save your life during tornado season. They’ll help you customize a suitable storm shelter for your home or business.