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Lake Martin, Alabama Storm Shelter and Safe Room Installations

Although Valley Storm Shelters is headquartered in Huntsville, we field calls from all over the southeast, sometimes hundreds every day. We specialize in installing the highest quality safe rooms and storm shelters manufactured, and we have installed many in and around Lake Martin.

Since 2007, Valley Storm Shelters has been manufacturing and installing above ground safe rooms and storm shelters across the Southeast. Our shelters are constructed to withstand 250 MPH ground speed wind equivalent to that of an EF-5 tornado and have been tested by the Texas Tech Wind Science and Engineering Research Center. Valley Storm Shelters is a producer member of the American Tornado Shelter Association.

Lake Martin area residents:

Before you purchase any type of storm shelter / safe room, you need to watch all of our videos and make sure you are educated as to what you are buying. We stand behind our shelters 100% as the standard in quality and safety. We welcome you to compare us to anyone out there.

If you do nothing else, watch this video below about what really sets our shelters apart from every other shelter on the market, both in the big box stores and from other storm shelter companies.

The Valley Difference