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Why Valley Storm Shelters Has The Best Storm Shelters For Sale In Mississippi

We know that researching storm shelters for sale in Mississippi is no easy task. Plenty of companies out there claim to be the best and strongest. At the end of the day, you want your family to be safe, and you want to know for sure that you’re getting a great storm shelter. Read on as we describe four reasons why Valley Storm Shelters has the best storm shelters for sale in Mississippi. 

We Have The Best Storm Shelters For Sale In Mississippi — Here’s Why

When it comes to staying safe from a tornado or storm, you don’t want to compromise your family’s safest. So don’t just choose the cheapest shelter! Instead, read several reasons why our shelters are the best on the market.

We Have The Best Doors Available

The experts at Valley Strom Shelter identified early on that the door is the weakest part of a safe room or storm shelter. Developing a door that is easy to open while still being able to resist flying debris, bullets, and anything else is no easy task. But, we’ve done it and made it possible for you to improve your existing shelter. We want you to have peace of mind when it comes to your storm shelter. The door shouldn’t fail when you need it most. 

We’re on a mission at Valley Storm Shelters to provide the best safe rooms and shelter doors available. All of our products meet FEMA 361 and 320 standards and also go above and beyond to meet ICC-500 standards. So rest assured that if the time ever comes where you need to hide out, you will be safe and sound because we overbuild our products. Here are some of the things that make our doors stronger than any other on the market:

Our Anchoring System Is Top Notch

A storm shelter in your home is usually a high priority for those who regularly experience tornadoes. Storm shelters are meant to keep you safe during violent weather events, which can lead to intense winds, flying debris, collapsing structures, and more. We know that for years, the worry with aboveground storm shelters was that their anchoring system wouldn’t be strong enough and that a shelter would blow away in extreme weather. As a result, many turn to underground shelters, feeling that these are the safer of the two options. However, we’ve learned that there are many risks associated with underground shelters, like flooding, mold, insects, and potential entrapment. 

Back in 2006, Valley Storm Shelters made it their goal to design superior storm shelters for sale in Mississippi that keeps people safe and eliminates traditional shelters' common risks and concerns. As a result, our team of engineers developed the leading safe room on the market using our CORELOCK™ Anchoring System, which basically ensures that aboveground shelters will never fail again.

Our CORELOCK anchored shelters can work in your home because they are designed to withstand winds of over 300 miles per hour (equal to or greater than an EF-5 tornado). Our shelters are also tested by the Texas Tech Wind Science and Engineering Research Center to prove they are safe. 

The shelter is specially anchored using 24-inch carbon steel CORELOCK™ anchors, 7-inch by ¾-inch Hilti concrete cutting anchors, and industrial 2-component anchoring adhesive.

We Have A Unique Valley Storm Shelter Anchoring Process

Let’s talk a little bit more about why our anchoring process is so unique. When we introduced our CORELOCK™ anchoring technology, it changed the industry for the better. You won’t find a stronger anchoring system on the market. As a result, homeowners no longer need to worry about their storm shelters blowing away or facing the risks that come with underground shelters.

In fact, at Valley Storm Shelters, we’ve made it easier than ever to increase the safety of your family and treasured belongings. Our highly trained shelter experts will install your storm shelter in roughly three hours, or you can choose the self-installation option, and we’ll drop ship your shelter. So regardless of the size of your shelter or the emergency heading your way, Valley Storm Shelters has everything you need to feel safe.

Our Mississippi Storm Shelters Can Be Uniquely Customized

At Valley Storm Shelters, we believe it’s important to be comfortable so that you and your family feel safe and calm during a weather crisis. Our storm shelters have plenty of customizable options to fit your needs and your family’s lifestyle. You can customize our shelters with:

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We know you’ve been searching high and low for the best storm shelters for sale in Mississippi. Look no further than Valley Storm Shelters. We identified the weakest part of shelters in our competition and perfected them in our own unique way — creating the most reliable shelters available on the market. Browse through some of our amazing videos and specs regarding our storm shelters. 

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